2014 Byron Dragway

by Bob Wilkiewicz
Nostalgia Super Stock Inc. Staff

BYRON, Ill. – Over the past 25 years, Nostalgia Super Stock Inc. has proved many times it can get race cars down the drag strip quickly and efficiently.

During the second week of August, the club also proved it can get race cars to the drag strip quickly and efficiently.  Six days after the promoter’s unexpected phone call, NSS Inc. president Rich Berlisk was able to assemble a match race show of 12 cars to support a mixed program at the long-time northern Illinois venue.

“This is some great racing,” said Byron track announcer Ron Leek, during the overcast and mild day with density altitudes in the 3,000-foot range which included a short rain delay. “I could watch this stuff all day.”

Performances included Dennis Scherer in the ‘Repeat Offender’ 1963 Ford Galaxie going side-by-side against Gene Devening’s factory original 1962 Max Wedge Dodge in four sessions, with Devening taking four wins. However, Devening had just one gimmie, prevailing with a 11.110 to 11.084 holeshot, a 11.087 to 11.469 win, a 11.116 to 11.113 holeshot, and a 11.090 to Scherer’s 10.993 redlight, respectively.

Bob Cattelino’s 1963 ‘Faded Memories’ Chevrolet and Craig Pfohl’s 1967 ‘Lil Boss’ Plymouth Sox and   Martin replica battled in the 10.70’s before Cattelino wore out a water pump and was forced into the box.

Working with a new 1964 Mercury Comet, Ken Kleiner Sr. also clicked some times in the 10.70 range.

Dale Chenoweth’s 1964 ‘Agitator’ Plymouth played in the low 10’s, his best a 10.115 the second time down. In the Rompin’ Redskin’ 1963 Pontiac, Joe Zajac pounded out some 9.20’s before crushing a transmission gear past the finish line in the final session.

In the ‘Fire and Faith’ 1964 Plymouth station wagon, Len Grimsley Jr. came out with a new Pro Trans and other changes to go 9.085, 9.105 and 9.107 before posting a 9.058 in the better air (2900 feet) final, improving his previous level by approximately 0.2 and taking three from Larry Quinn, who put up an 8.996 best for a victory in the third session.

Paul Habura in the 1963 ‘Keeping The Faith’ Plymouth, also an original factory Max Wedge, kept a general 0.1 edge over the 1965 ‘We Haul’ Chevelle of Bill White, with a 8.638 at 155.19 mph best in the last session.

Driving Jim Ley’s 1964 Ford Thunderbolt, J.B. Books set low ET and top speed at 8.324 at 159.87 mph.

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