2014 Tri-Power Nationals

Ames Performance Tri-Power Nationals 2014
Summit Motorsports Park
by Joe Zajac

First things first. The ice cream flavors were: Moose Tracks, Strawberry, Chocolate, butter pecan/cashew and vanilla. $1.00 per pound.

We had 12 cars this year 9 members and 3 quests.

Members attending:

Paul Habura and Len Grinsley
Bill White and Mike Seltzer
Ernie Keppler
Joe Zajac
Peter Stamm
Larry Kaufman
John Rousset
Gerry Gostenik
Tom Cartwright


Ted Croy  1962 Pontiac
Vance Heck 1962 Pontiac
Gary Harrison 1962 Pontiac Tempest

The weather on Friday was great and the ice cream line was long. Saturday it rained almost all day and the ice cream line was short or none at all.  Sunday was perfect, long ice cream lines. We got 4 passes Friday one pass Saturday at 7:00PM, and two passes Sunday. We were done by 1:30PM and on our way home.

Best ET’s and MPH:

Paul Habura 8.69et 155.61 mph – Bill White    8.71et    153.6 mph

Ernie Keppler 8.836et 151.94 mph – Joe Zajac        9.262et 147.31 mph

Ted Croy 9.327 et 143.41 mph – Gary Harrison 9.411 et 143.66 mph

Peter Stamm  9.626 et 139.07 mph – Larry Kaufman  9.751 et 139.60 mph

John Rousset  10.097 et 131.68 mph – Gerry Gostenik  10.739 et 124.75 mph

Vance Heck  11.780 et 87.23 mph – Tom Cartwright  12.169 et 110.14 mph.

Paul had the quickest et and fastest mph.

Congrats to Larry Kaufman and John Rousset they both had their best et’s ever.

It was good to see Ted Croy after a three year absence. He had some gremlins the first few passes but worked thru them with the help of Bill White and Mike Seltzer.

Ernie Keppler had some water in the oil issue so he didn’t make the last pass. I hope it’s an easy fix.

We had a steady stream of spectators all weekend all with good complements.

The fans were looking for the Wisconsin Mopar guys again, I told them wait until next year.

Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to next year.


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