Meet Our Members

Hard Days Night


1963 Plymouth Savoy 2 Door Sedan 426 Max Wedge owned and driven by John Rousset, a retired pipe fitter from Columbia, MO.  Best run 10.20 at 131 MPH.  John shifts at 6200 RPMs.READ MORE!

Blast From the Past

1962 Pontiac “The Blast From The Past” Pontiac motor 4 speed with 2x4s shifting at 8900 R.P.M.  Owner and driver “Crazy” Larry Quinn. Runs 8.70’s at 153 mph READ MORE!

Never Too Late


1964 Plymouth Savoy 426 Max Wedge owned and driven by Doug Henderson from Columbia, MO. Best ET 1/4 mi. 10.07 at 131.75 MPH.READ MORE!

Rebel Rouser


Jim Brandon & Sherry Bizzle 1964 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Car was built and is maintained by Linn State Technical College automotive students. Best time 9.69 @ 136 mph


Asphalt Angel


“Asphalt Angel” is a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere driven by Rich Berlisk (aka “The Aviator”) of Hartland Wisconsin. The low deck engine block is 500 plus inches of Keith Black aluminum with Mopar stage six aluminum heads and Indy two- four aluminum intake fed by Edelbrocks.The car has run 9.52 at 139.26 mph 1/4 mile and 6.02 at 113.71 in the 1/8 mile.READ MORE!


1966 427 Fairlane

1966 427 Fairlane: Owned by Mike Cicciarelli of Brownsburg, IN. Mike was also born in 1966, and has owned the car since he was 15. The car has an original style cast 2X4 “tunnel-wedge” intake, 4-speed transmission, and the original style factory fiberglass hood. E.T.’s so far are: 1/4 mile: 8.70 @155, 1/8 mile: 5.45 @127, and 60 foot: 1.22. Mike works as an engineer on an Indy car team.READ MORE!

Asphalt Elephant


1962 Dodge Dart 2dr. Hardtop, All Aluminum Big Block Indy motor with two 800 cfm Edelbrock 4 barrel carbs., Pro Trans with aluminum 904 internals, 4.10 Dana 60. Owned and driven by John Grinwald, the Asphalt Elephant specializes in big wheelies and quick ET’s, 8.71 @ 153 MPH in the 1/4 mile and 5.55 @ 125 MPH in the 1/8th mile are the best times. Watch keyword, Asphalt Elephant, to see the car pull some big wheelies. READ MORE!

Psychotic ReAction


This third edition is a Plymouth Belvedere replica of the original factory Max Wedge car. READ MORE!

Better Than Nothin’



This is an original 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Sedan, 413 Max Wedge, Owned by Sherman & Gene Devening; Sherman is a retired machinist and Gene works for Woodriver Power Station. This car has been a race car all its life.READ MORE!

Gerry Gostenik



Gerry Gostenik, a retired teacher from Dearborn, MI, races this 1961 Chevrolet BelAir. Its best E.T. has been 10.60 at 125 mph.READ MORE!


White Warrior


The White Warrior is a 1963 Pontiac Tempest owned and driven by Ernie Keppler of Spaulding, Illinois. It has a 528 Pontiac engine and has run an all-time best ET of 8.80 at 153MPH.



Teacher’s Pet II


1963 Plymouth Sport Fury. Driven and maintained by Bob Durling, Automotive Instructor at Lincoln College of Technology, Indianapolis. Consistent mid 10 sec. passes are performed by a 426 “wedge” with a torque flight transmission, putting this car in a NS/S-C index. Crew Chief and companion is his wife, Diana.


Sox & Martin


1967 Plymouth Barracuda  440 cu. in. wedge engine  Dual 600 CFM Carter carburetors  Factory style 2×4 manifold Torque flight 727 Transmission  4.56 Strange rear gears  Car weight lbs. with driver: 3080
Owners: Richard Pfohl and Craig Pfohl


Repeat Offender

Owned and maintained by Dennis and Dianne Sherer. This 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie has an iron Ford wedge block .080 over 11:1 compression c-6 w/4500 stall converter 4:30 gear. Best 1/4 time is 11.09 at 121.63 mph.


Mike Singleton of Naperville, IL is the owner/driver of this 1964 Dodge Polara.  The car is powered by a 499 CID Hemi.  It has original Hemi carbs.  It’s best 60 ft 1.176.

Polara’s Missile


The 1964 Dodge Polara is driven by Tom Cartwright of Indianapolis, Indiana and co-owned with Stan Cartwright of NewPalestine, IN. Their co-sponsor’s are Mattingly Automotive and Chris Hilyard of Hilyard Performance racing. Chris also serves as a crew member. Tom’s best ET has been 11.9 at 113.25 mph.

The Chief

This 1962 Pontiac Tempest Lemans is owned and driven by Tom Keasler of Joliet, IL.  It’s best E.T. was 9.71 at 138 mph.

Vanilla Gorilla

The 1967 Plymouth Belvedere is owned by Mike Singleton.

Iron Indian

This 1963 Pontiac Lemans is owned and driven by Brad Shoemaker of Riverton, IL. It’s best E.T. was 8.81 at 151 at Norwalk 2013.  Engineered at Bunn Corp.

Max Wedgie


“Max Wedgie” is a 64 Dodge Polara owned and operated by Spencer and Kristin Schreindl from Oconomowoc, WI. The car was originally a daily driver in San Diego, CA. It remains an all original steel car less hood and bumpers weighing in at 3550+ lbs. With a Max Wedge engine by Goodwin Competition and trans by RUSH Performance Transmissions, the car has run a best (so far) of 8.97 @ 153 mph. Special thanks to Todd Goodwin from Goodwin Competition for sponsoring the Wedge engine and taking us to the next level.

The Home Wrecker


Car number NS/S 636. 1963 Bel air. The car has been a race car it’s entire life. The car has also been called “The Homewrecker” it’s entire life. Powered by a 409 and backed up with a 4 spd manual transmission. Sponsored by Hoskins Chevrolet in Elk Grove, Illinois where the car was purchased new. The car was re-lettered by Art Dexter  in 2012 who lettered the car originally in 1967. The car used to run at tracks such as Great Lakes Dragaway, Oswego, and US 30.  I am a full time psychology student and part time truck driver.

High Voltage

1964 Ford Thunder Bolt 2dr sedan, owner, John Grinwald, Watertown, WI. All aluminum 513 ci. FE, built by Roush Yates. Liberty clutchless 5 speed with 7” dual disc clutch, shifting at 8,000 RPM. Fab 9” rear end with 4.57 gears and Strange spool. Weighs 2900 lbs. with driver. Drivers: Jeff Wick, owner of Jim’s Car Shop, Fond du Lac, WI, John Grinwald, Watertown, WI. Best ET’s to date: 8.64 @ 159 MPH in the 1/4 mile, 5.46 @ 129 MPH in the 1/8th mile. Sponsored by Grinwald Ford, Watertown, WI.

Kansas Comet II

Wayne Keimig’s show-quality Mercury Comet.

We Haul

Bill White drives this Z16 Chevelle.


This 1968 HEMI Barracuda belongs to Mike Jessup of Homer Glen, Illinois.

Full Tilt

Milt Schreindl drives this 1965 Dodge Coronet with a Max Wedge.

Running Wild II

1963 Chevy 409 driven by Kevin Wilson of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Crazy Addiction

Plum Crazy Addiction is a 1965 426 Hemi Plymouth Belvedere. The car is owned by Marty and Melissa Bittle of Belleville, IL

The Nightmare

This 64 Plymouth Belvedere called “The Nightmare” is owned by Ryan Eads. It has a 543 cu in wedge that is built off of a factory 440 steel block. The car is all steel except the hood scoop. With a 727 trans and 8 3/4 rear end, the car weighs in at a hefty 3760 with driver. The car was built in approximately 4.5 months with the help from several club members, Nick Kanslaar, Adam Woodmancy, wife Amber Eads, and several other friends. 1/8 mile best 6.70 with a 1.40 sixty ft.

Ferris Motors

Howard Crull drives this ’65 Plymouth Belvedere.

Chi Town Shaker

Mike Therrien drives the “Chi Town Shaker” 1968 Hemi Dart.

Gold Digger

John Grinwald owns “My GOLD DIGGER”, a 1965 Dodge Coronet 2 door hardtop, altered wheelbase car. 572 ci. Kinsler mechanical stack fuel injected Hemi. Pro Trans automatic transmission, 3.73 Dana 60 rear end, straight front axle (out of a 1965 Dodge A100 van) Wheel base altered by Steve Rice, front axle is moved forward 10”, rear axle moved forward 15”. Body work by Rooster, Trevor and John G. , paint by Trevor, all done at Watertown Body Shop. Engine built by Ted at Opel Engineering. Best run to date in the 1/4 mile: 8.70 @ 154 MPH.

John says “One of my dreams was to have an Altered Wheelbase car. I didn’t have a color or name picked out for the car until all the bills started to roll in. That’s when I decided (with help from my wife and friends) to paint it Gold and name it My Gold Digger. Believe me, the name fits.”