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We look forward to hearing from our racing friends and fans.  Contact our President Rich Berlisk at or our Vice President Mike Singleton at

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The Nostalgia Super Stock cars are available for bookings at races, shows, and other special events.  The group is a proven successful draw. The Nostalgia Super Stock cars are exciting and impressive.  These full bodied, high horsepower, authentic 60’s drag machines put on a show that is unparalleled in nostalgia racing today.

We will provide a field of cars that is of show quality and our members take pride in the appearance and performance of their cars.

During the event, all of our cars will be on display and our members will be available to answer any questions, pose for pictures, sign autographs or just bench race with the spectator.  Some of our members have trading cards for the kids.

Your nostalgia event will be enhanced with the appearance of our Nostalgia Super Stock cars.  The super stock cars of the 60’s are easy for spectators to associate with, because many of them grew up knowing someone who had similar type cars.

Our fees are reasonable.  For more information about booking this group at your track or event, contact: Rich Berlisk, Club President, at 262-844-2111 or Mike Singleton, Club Vice President, at 630-923-2897. They will arrange a program to suit your needs.  Most tracks prefer heads-up style pairings, but we will provide eliminator format if needed.

If you would like more information on how well our group performs, the following tracks will be happy to answer your questions.

US 36 Raceway, Osborn, MO 816 617-4176 (Mike Franks)

Super Duty Promotions–Pontiac Show at Norwalk–419 663-7383 (Pete Woodruff)