Club Rules

Chevrolet 61-64 full size
Chevelle 1965 Z11
Ford 61-64 full size
Ford/Mercury 64-67 Fairlane/Comet
Dodge/Plymouth 61-65 full size
Dodge Dart/Plymouth Barracuda 68/69 HEMI
Dodge/ Plymouth 1967 “WO” / “RO” Hemi
Pontiac 61-63 full size
Pontiac Tempest 62-63

No external modification of any panel which will alter the stock body lines is allowed.
Fiberglass or aluminum replacement parts allowed.  Wheel tubs allowed if legal wheels and tires are positioned in stock location relative to outer fender well.
Front inner fender panels are required but may be cut for header clearance.  No one piece or tilt front ends allowed.

Hood Scoops:
Hood scoops are limited to original equipment or period style and measure no more than 5 inches tall.  Pro stock style scoops are not allowed.

Full floorboards and firewall required.  Location of firewall must be stock.

Windshield and windows must be OEM Safety glass or NHRA/IHRA approved Lexan or Plexiglas, factory type tinting permitted.

Full factory type upholstery and bench seat or two bucket seats required.  Back seat may be omitted, but must be carpeted throughout.  Interior must retain stock outward appearance.   Stock dashboard including instruments, wiring, and controls must be retained.

Heaters, wipers, wiper motor, and radio may be removed.  Headlights and taillights required.  One of each must be operational.

Stock type front suspension, no struts allowed. Ladder bar or four link suspension allowed. Wheelie bars permitted on cars 9.75 or quicker. Wheelie bars must not extend past  the rear bumper.

Frame or subframe must be stock for body used.  Subframe connectors or additional bracing is allowed.  No tube chassis allowed.  Wheelbase must be within .75″ of stock.

Any automotive type axle housing allowed.

Four wheel brakes required.  Line lock permitted.

Any rim is allowed.  Rear slicks are limited to maximum 10.5 inch side wall designation (10.5 W tires are allowed).  Front tires minimum of 4.5 inch tread width.  The tread of the front or rear tires must not protrude beyond the outer edge of the top of the wheel well.

All cars must be lettered to reflect the Super/Stock cars of the 1960’s era.  Excessive decals are discouraged.

Battery may be relocated.  Generator and alternator not required.  Electric fans and water pumps allowed.

Engine Block/Heads:
Engine must be same as body, and available as an option in that body.  Engine block may be replaced with a later block of the same family.  Replacement cast iron or aluminum blocks and heads are allowed as long as they truly resemble originals. Aluminum heads and blocks must be painted.

There are no limitations on internal modifications to block or heads.  No B-1 or B-2 heads allowed.  Dry sump oil systems not allowed.  No small blocks allowed.

Must have multiple carbs (3×2 or 2×4).  All carburetors must be 850 C.F.M. or less.  Holley 4150 or Edelbrock type only.  No Dominators or Predators allowed.

Intake Manifold:
Aftermarket intakes allowed if they resemble O.E.M. type.  Tunnel ram intakes allowed.  Modifications to intakes allowed.

Radiator required, may be aluminum.

Any aftermarket ignition systems, 2-steps wiring and electronic conversion kits allowed. Ignition amplifier boxes allowed.  Throttle stops, stutter boxes, and delay boxes not allowed.  No magneto allowed.

Fuel/Fuel Systems:
Gasoline only, no alcohol or Nitrous Oxide allowed.  Stock tank or fuel cell allowed.  Electric fuel pumps and pressure regulators allowed.

All manual transmissions (5 speed max) allowed. All automatic transmissions are allowed. Transbrakes are allowed.

Safety:  Guidelines:
Depending on the sanctioning body of the race track, either the NHRA or IHRA safety rules apply.

Performance requirements:
12.00 max. ET; 8.75 min.  ET.

Current IHRA or NHRA license required for 10.00 ET or faster.  Copy of license must be on file with Tech Director of Club.

Note:  The final interpretation of the rules and specifications is solely at the discretion of the membership.

Factory Experimental/Altered Wheelbase Rules

Make, Model, Body Type & Eligible Years:

Chevrolet Full Size – 1961 to 1964
Chevelle – 1964 to 1966, AWB Only
Nova – 1963 to 1966, AWB Only
Ford Full Size – 1961 to 1964
Fairlane/Comet – 1964 to 1967
Falcon – 1964 and 1965, AWB Only
Dodge/Plymouth Full Size – 1961 to 1965
Dodge Dart/Plymouth/Barracuda – 1964 to 1966, AWB Only
Pontiac Full Size – 1961 to 1963
Tempest – 1962 and 1963
GTO/LeMans – 1964 to 1967, AWB Only

Maximum altered wheelbase allowed front or rear or both; 10 inches front, 15 inches rear. Front inner fender panels optional. Appearance must be era-correct.

Hood/Hood Scoops:
Hood and/or scoop is optional. If used, hood scoops limited to original era-correct style (5 inches maximum height). No Pro Stock style scoops.

Full floor boards and firewall required. Firewall may be relocated rearward no more than 12 inches from factory stock location.

NHRA accepted Lexan, or safety glass windshield mandatory; side and/or rear windows optional.

At least one bucket seat required; center steering location prohibited,
left hand drive only. The interior, door panels, floors, etc., must have finished look. In general, must conform to NHRA/IHRA rules.

Tube-type chassis prohibited; sub-frame connectors allowed.
Strut-type front suspension prohibited; straight front axle allowed; ladder bars or 4-link rear suspension allowed.
Wheelie bars allowed, must not extend beyond rear bumper.

Rear Axle:
Any automotive type allowed.

Automotive four wheel two-chamber master cylinder and branch hydraulic brake system required; line lock permitted.

Wheels & Tires:
Any NHRA/IHRA legal 15-inch wheel allowed. Front tire tread width 4.5-inches minimum; rear slicks 10.5W-inches designated maximum.
The sidewall of both front & rear tires must not extend outside the vertical body/fender lines and also must fit inside the wheel wells.

Must accurately reflect the era; excessive manufacturer product decals in number or surface area prohibited

Engine, Block/Heads:
Engine Families – Big Block Only
Ford: FE & 385 Series
Mopar: Whatever was available/era-correct in eligible body styles
Chevy: Whatever was available/era-correct in eligible body styles
Pontiac: Whatever was available/era-correct in eligible body styles

Aluminum heads and blocks allowed. No limitations on internal modifications to block or heads, however, external appearance must be era-correct.
Any cubic inch acceptable if in original block configuration; no tall blocks allowed in any engine family, must retain original deck height.

Must be consistent with body used, i.e; Ford in Ford/ Chevy in Chevy/Pontiac in Pontiac/Mopar in Mopar; engine block may be substituted/replaced within the same engine family.

Carburetors/Fuel Injection:
Carburetor systems limited to 2×4 Holley 4150, Carter AFB or Edelbrock Performer or era-correct 3×2 configurations; fuel injection limited to 8-stack injectors.
All Dominator, Predator, Toilet-style and/or throttle body injection systems prohibited.

Required, aluminum allowed.

Battery may be relocated to trunk area. Automotive alternator or generator optional. Electric fans & water pumps optional.

Any battery powered aftermarket system, including two-step & electronic allowed; magneto allowed; coil-on-plug prohibited.
Throttle stops, stutter boxes and/or delay boxes prohibited.

Fuel/Fuel Systems:
Only gasoline allowed; any alcohol and/or nitrous oxide prohibited.
Stock tank or fuel cell allowed.
Electric fuel pumps & compatible regulator(s) allowed; all systems must comply with NHRA/IHRA rules.

Any manual transmission (5 speed maximum) allowed; any automatic transmission allowed; transbrakes allowed; clutchflites allowed.

All vehicles must comply with NHRA/IHRA rules or rules for track attended.

Maximum 8.75 seconds; Minimum 12.00 seconds

NOTICE: The final interpretation of these guidelines and specifications is solely at the discretion of the Class A membership of Nostalgia Super Stock Inc.
All potential NSS and FX/AWB vehicle owners and drivers applying for membership are subject to approval by a majority vote of these members.
In any circumstance, Nostalgia Super Stock Inc., both as a corporation and/or through its individual members, assume no liability whatsoever, express or implied, by approval of membership or any other use of these rules.