Off-season Projects

Jimmy Brandon 11/13

My 1969 Cuda street car 417 smallblock 4 speed with a procharger.  built the headers, engine brackets, etc. getting ready to take back apart and start body work.

101_0194 101_0195 101_0198


John Grinwald Gold Digger Update

Gold Digger makes it’s match racing debut at Cordova Raceway on October 12th, 2013. My opponent was the Arnie the Farmer Beswick 1966 Pontiac owned and driven by John Holms. It is an injected and blown alcohol Pontiac with a major engine set back. John sits waaaay back in the car. (you can see his helmet by the rear window on our side by side picture in the scan) This Pontiac is a piece of history as Arnie himself raced this car back in the day.  The Beswick funny car was too much for me that day as John Holms and his car won 2 out of 3 in the match race. I won 1 on a double red light as I left after he took off. He was so early his time did not register. (time slip in the scan)  The Beswick car ran a best of 8.65 to my best of 8.70. I would like another crack at him.   Thanks to all that helped on this two year project. I’m excited to get the car out next year and hope you can come and watch.

Scan0001 Scan0002


11 thoughts on “Off-season Projects

    • John Grinwald

      Thanks Dan, These AWB cars take a long time to build. It is a dream of mine to have one. I hope it’s a good car on the track. John

  1. John Grinwald

    Thanks Dale. I am getting itchy to drive it. The Gold Digger is at a chassis shop getting the chassis double checked. I want it to behave on the track. John

  2. John R

    It looks great but would look better if it was red. I was in the stands when you put on the show at Muncie. I’m going for a front row seat when you run this this beast. Can’t wait to see everybody JR

  3. Terry Grinwald

    I hope you check an item off your bucket list and head to Bakersfield Cal this summer and educate the west coast on Midwest nostalgia.

  4. John Grinwald

    Larry, I would love to race another Altered Wheel Base car like Ken’s. Ken, How is the Comet coming ?? And John R., I hope this car isn’t as wild a ride as the Asphalt Elephant was in Muncie(front end was towed out 3/4″) Looking forward to seeing evryone at the races !!! John G.

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