2019 D’Arcy Nostalgia Event

Another weekend of racing has come and gone. This time it was the D’Arcy Nostalgia event at Route 66, Joliet, IL. We got some heavy rain in the wee hours after midnight Friday and into Saturday morning with some on and off showers messing the day up. We missed all racing in the afternoon but the track was able to get it dried off and we were able to get our first pass in at shortly after 6pm. The second pass was well into the darkness around 9pm without mother nature dumping anymore rain on us. In fact it didn’t rain again until 3 or 4 am on Sunday and when I woke up at 6:30 the asphalt pits where we were parked had a lot of standing water. Well we got lucky we got the event in.

The closest matches were Crull/ Wesolowski and Henderson/Durling. These two pairs were pretty much glue to each other going down the track. Good job guys.

Also want to mention that we voted in a new member Mitch Mannino from Crown Pointe, IN. Mitch brings with him his black beauty of a 1964 Ford Fairlane.

Mitch first ran with us at the Glory Days at Byron and followed up at Muncie. Welcome Mitch on board to the organization when you see him. Also good to see several other recent new members in attendance, Dan & Sandy Janke (64 hemi Plymouth) and Gary and son Al Schackow (65 Chevrolet). Tom and Mary Kowal (63 Chevy Faded Memories) were planning to be there but had to cancel due to a bad case of poison ivy Tom picked up.

I want to thank Dennis Sherer and Diana Durling and anyone else that may have contributed for feeding the “troops”. Thanks to Renee Schreindl , Mark Mullarky and Wes Wesolowski for starting line duties.

A friend of Wes Wesolowski’s, Bill Horvat, was also there in his 62 Chevy 409 to run with us but unfortunately discovered a broken valve spring before the first pass so wasn’t able to run. We’ll be seeing more of Bill in his “Code Red” Chevy.

Members and guests present: Spence Schreindl, Doug Henderson, Milt Schreindl, Dave Wesolowski, Rich Berlisk, John Rousset, Dan Hradisky, Howard Crull, Craig Schreindl, Dan Janke, Mitch Mannino, Bob Durling, Bill Horvat, Craig Pfohl, Dennis Sherer, Gary Schackow.

Crew members, Alicia Henderson (best salesperson east of the Mississippi),Wes Wesolowski, JoAnne Rousset, Bob Hradisky, Brenda Holtman, Allison Bell, Renee Schreindl, Jamie Gresk, Sandy Janke, Mark Mullarky, Kristin, Austin & Parker Schreindl, Karen & Morganne Mannino, Will Horvat, Larry Mader, Rich Pfohl, Andria Stoner, David Sherer, Al Schackow, Doug Geuder. I also observed a whole bunch of other friends and family members in attendance.

In closing all I can say is I’m happy we got it in and didn’t waste a good weekend “singing in the rain”. Thanks to all that made it happen. Also we are offering a class on “How to install hood pins” and the instructor will be our own Dennis “the menace” Sherer. To be held at the winter meeting.

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