2020 Milan, MI

As the racing season winds down the group was able to participate this past weekend in the Nostalgia event at Milan, Mi. Manager Steve Timoszyk and his staff were good people for me to work with over the weekend. Other than some lengthy time in the staging lanes due to track cleanup (not from us) and some extremely slow racers getting up to their lanes (four or more calls) slowing down the process. The weekend was still a good time. Upon arrival on Friday afternoon with temps in the 80 degree area I was pleased to be greeted by Tom and Mary Kowal who set up our pit area on Thursday. What a great spot we had complete with several large shade trees and indoor rest rooms within steps of our pits. Tom and Mary, thanks for getting this accomplished and the hospitality from you and your family members. Evening campfire was lit by Milt and the evening progressed into our normal sit around that lasted into the wee hours.

Saturday, our first of two race days, we woke up to temps around 60 degrees and eventually to around 82 degrees with sunny skies. We started our program (first run) after 2pm and did 2 more passes through the day. We had twelve cars including two guest cars, Chris Kuhl and wife Pam and their 1969 Mustang and Al McKnight in his 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. We lost Al after the first run as he encountered starter issues. Thanks for participating with us. Our third and final pass for the day was around 8:30 pm as it was still pleasant weather. Once again the “ring of fire” was lit and the evening once again proceeded. The racing program ended just short of 1am due to one big oil down as a racer lost his oil filter. The party I heard ended after 2am.

The temp once again was at 60 degrees Sunday morning and headed for another comfortable 80 degree day. The track scheduled us for one run and I did not complain about that as we were tentatively scheduled for 12 noon and 2pm runs. We all thought this would give us all that traveled a little head start but it didn’t. We were called around noon and immediately made our way to the lanes. While in the lanes another racer blew his motor littering and oiling the track all the way to the first turn off, quite a mess. This was the same racer that littered the track the night before with an oil filter coming off. That blew an hour plus for us. All eleven cars made the last session and all were put into their trailers running. Much better than the Havana outing where we had several car casualties. Mike Cicciarelli was able to repair his Fairlane and able to make the Milan trip.

In Attendance : Rich Berlisk, John Grinwald, Doug & Alicia Henderson, Bob & Diana Durling, Tom & Mary Kowal, Chris & Pam Kuhl, Jim Nammensma, Al McKnight, Dan Hradisky, Gary McKenzie, Mike Cicciarelli, Dan Hare, Dan Miller, Milt Schreindl, Dave Wesolowski, Wes Wesolowski and Jenn Beagle.

I personally want to thank all that attended and would like to give a big “thank you” to Jenn Beagle for taking tons of pictures of our group including a group pic of all cars and drivers together Sunday afternoon.
In closing on this event the manager and I talked and we will be speaking this winter for next year. They liked our heads up program and quality of our race cars as they watched us carefully. All in all it is a very nice facility and has a huge pit area. Plus the food was good.

In closing we still were able to get some racing in this season with the pandemic and let’s hope for a better 2021 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Several of our cars will travel Oct 10th to Holly Springs MS for the last event of the season.

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